© Thomas  A. Statas PhotoID# 15599342: Sunflowers Summer 2018        slide show (2)
The Year Continues.. Enjoy!

© Thomas  A. Statas PhotoID# 15514299: Winter 2018 11 of 41 Winter 2018        slide show (37)
A new year, new opportunities.. Enjoy!

© Thomas  A. Statas PhotoID# 15460049: Bombay Hook 2017-09-30 Fall 2017        slide show (98)
I started taking my Fall trips. I will be adding to this Gallery as 2017 season continues... as always, Enjoy!

© Thomas  A. Statas PhotoID# 15441263: Hummingbirds 2017-08-13  6 of 7 Hummingbirds 2017        slide show (7)

© Thomas  A. Statas PhotoID# 15012045: summer 2015-1529 Summer 2015        slide show (4)
It has been a great summer. I have been taking lots of photos, just not posting them on a regular basis. I have been concentrating on Hummingbirds this summer and so you will see some keepers. Other than that the usual suspects are being posted. Warmest Wishes, Tom

© Thomas  A. Statas PhotoID# 14649857:  dsc4933 september 03  2014 by thomas statas Fall 2014        slide show (90)
As the summer ends, a new season begins. This gallery continues my photo sojourn for 2014. The migration has started so opportunity will present itself in many forms..

All my best, Tom

© Thomas  A. Statas PhotoID# 14551829: Summer 2014        slide show (38)
My passion has returned and I am hitting the nature trails every chance I get. The images posted are from the Maryland, Virginia and Delaware area. There is abundant wildlife, you just need some local knowledge and patience. I will keep posting new images to this Gallery as the summer heats up. Enjoy and find time to enjoy the beauty nature provides.

All the best,

Tom Statas

© Thomas  A. Statas PhotoID# 14539210: shenandoah 2014  8 of 46 Shenandoah National Park 2014        slide show (45)
In June 2014, I visited Shenandoah National Park, Big Meadow area. This is the time to photograph the fawns. This year for some unknown reason I only saw two fawns in the meadow and they were difficult to photograph. I focused on the Black Bear and saw at least twelve individual bears on this trip. I also focused on the birds and flowers, but the Bears won... Bears 12, Fawn 2. Enjoy.

© Thomas  A. Statas PhotoID# 14505559: tom statas spring 2014  18 of 62 Photos taken in May 2014 at Favorite ...        slide show (62)
Hello Everyone,

I have been back at it this year. In May, my favorite spots have been the C&O Canal, Huntley Meadows and the Delaware Bay. This gallery are photos I thought you would enjoy and give you an idea what I have been seeing though my viewfinder. They are posted in no particular order. Enjoy, Tom

© Thomas  A. Statas PhotoID# 13641821: Photos Taken in 2013        slide show (43)
I am only posting a few key images this year from my photo shoots. I have only included images from 2013 to give you an idea what I have been up to. Enjoy!

© Thomas  A. Statas PhotoID# 13607683: Conowingo Dam 2012 Season        slide show (28)
One of my favorite place to photograph eagles. People come for up and down the east coast. My goal is to get sharp images at all times and that forces me to try different, lens, camera and cameras setting combinations. Enjoy!

© Thomas  A. Statas PhotoID# 13445582: Autumn Colors, Catoctin Mountain Stream, Maryland Autumn 2012        slide show (5)
A new season and some new photos.

© Thomas  A. Statas PhotoID# 12919763: Egret and Screaming Fish Chincoteague 2012        slide show (13)
Chincoteague, Virgina is a great place to visit in the Spring. The foals (colts and phillies) are out and the egrets are dressed in their best breeding plummage. The mosquitos are not too bad either. Enjoy!

© Thomas  A. Statas PhotoID# 12888991: Arizona - Utah 2012        slide show (10)
The America Southwest is a wonderful place for photography.

© Thomas  A. Statas PhotoID# 12700327: Snow Geese Blast Off Delmarva Eastern Shore 2012        slide show (11)
A new year, a new season, and new photos. Enjoy

© Thomas  A. Statas PhotoID# 11833188: Shenandoah 2011        slide show (19)
These photos were taken in early June of 2011. This is the season of the birth of the fawns. The coyote was a special sighting. Enjoy!

© Thomas  A. Statas PhotoID# 11446614: Blackwater 2011-02-12-22 Blackwater NWR        slide show (68)
Nice Day, Nice Friends, Nice Photos (I hope).... Enjoy!

© Thomas  A. Statas PhotoID# 11355452: Yellowstone in Winter 2011        slide show (24)
Yellowstone in Winter is amazing. Simply put, there are so many opportunities you can easily ignore the minus zero degree temperatures.


© Thomas  A. Statas PhotoID# 11177623: North Carolina Zoo, November 2010        slide show (50)
A Thangsgiving weekend ritual... A visit to the NC Zoo.

© Thomas  A. Statas PhotoID# 10576401: Hummingbird Brookside Gardens 2010        slide show (26)
On a recent trip to my local community garden I focused on hummingbirds, flowers and butterflies.

© Thomas  A. Statas PhotoID# 10448633: Mountain Steam, Glacier National Park Montana, including Glacier National Park ...        slide show (59)
I spent four days at the Triple D game farm in Kalispell, Montana and five days touring Glacier National Park and the National Bison Range. The photography was excellent and the company was even better.


© Thomas  A. Statas PhotoID# 10259460: Shenandoah National Park, June 2010        slide show (18)
This year I arrived early enough to see some of the new fawns before they bedded down or moved into the woods.

Big Meadows was wonderful. At Skyland a black bear was ignoring us and just foraging for food.

© Thomas  A. Statas PhotoID# 10170116: air force show  13 of 15 Air Show at Andrews Air Force Base 2010        slide show (15)
These pictures are from the Joint Service Open House Air Show at Andrews Air Force Base. After taking photos of these jets traveling at plus 500 MPH, bring on the great blue herons.

© Thomas  A. Statas PhotoID# 10165022: bombay hook  19 of 19 Bombay Hook, DE 2010        slide show (22)
These are images from Bombay Hook, Delaware in May 2010 on a quest for fox kits.

Browse All Photos        slide show

© Thomas  A. Statas PhotoID# 10089987: National Aquarium and Robins 2010        slide show (16)
These are recent images from the National Aquarium in DC. On the way home I stopped at the National Zoo and photographed the robin chicks and the peacock. Enjoy.

© Thomas  A. Statas PhotoID# 10010144: The Rookery at Gatorland Florida Birding April 2010        slide show (35)
In April 2010, I had the opportunity to visit Central Florida. My goal was to continue to capture birds in flight or nesting. The hawks were spotted in a tree at the Orlando Holiday Inn. Gatorland has a Rookery, highly recommended in April for nesting waterfowl. Finally, Merritt Island on the east coast, has some resident birds, including Ospreys. Enjoy.

© Thomas  A. Statas PhotoID# 9858333: Assateague Ponies Eastern Shore        slide show (30)
Posted here are some highlights from various trips to Assateague Island NWR and Blackwater NWR on Maryland's Eastern Shore.


© Thomas  A. Statas PhotoID# 2130155: Malachite Brookside Gardens        slide show (23)
Butterflies are on exhibit every May through September at Brookside Gardens in Wheaton Maryland. Enjoy "Wings of Fancy" as well as the beautiful gardens.

© Thomas  A. Statas PhotoID# 2963937: Assateague Lighthouse Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge        slide show (16)
It is becoming a November tradition to spend some quiet time at a great National Park. Weekdays are best. No crowds and a slow relaxed pace.

© Thomas  A. Statas PhotoID# 8338066: The Church Creative Effects        slide show (41)
A few of my images that were manipulated in Lightroom and Photoshop CS3 and a few plug-ins. Enjoy!

© Thomas  A. Statas PhotoID# 2926695: Keilworth Aquatic Gardens Flowers        slide show (43)
Flowers are such simple yet colorful subjects.

© Thomas  A. Statas PhotoID# 4780048: Blue Funnel Spring at West Thumb Geyser Basin Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks        slide show (8)
A Photographers Paradise for wildlife and landscapes. Highly Recommended.

© Thomas  A. Statas PhotoID# 4201469: Great Heron and Great Falls Great Falls on the Potomac River        slide show (4)
Often called the "Nations River", the Potomac River hosts many photo opportunities. I highly recommend a hike along the C&O Canal or a trip to Great Falls.

© Thomas  A. Statas PhotoID# 4464272: Reflections on the Canal Indianapolis        slide show (13)
I recently had the opportunity to visit the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for the 2007 Allstate 400 at the Brickyard. I was pleasantly surprised to find the City of Indianapolis a wonderful city, with plenty of photo opportunities. Within walking distance of downtown, you will find a Zoo, Botanical Gardens, an Aquarium, Monuments, and Museums. I would not hesitate to go back as a tourist.

© Thomas  A. Statas PhotoID# 5455239: Cypress Swamp - Infrared Infrared Photography        slide show (51)
I now own a converted Fuji S3. I tried a Fujifilm IS-1 Infrared camera and liked it so much I had my S3 converted by LifePixel.

© Thomas  A. Statas PhotoID# 4229967: Water Lily Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens        slide show (12)
Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens might be an oasis in the desert. Located in Northeast DC along the Anacostia River the Gardens are maintained by the National Park Service. The pictures in this gallery will make you forget you are in the middle of an urban area. Enjoy!

© Thomas  A. Statas PhotoID# 1910714: Winter Snow Landscape        slide show (32)
Timing has to be just right to capture a nice photo. I call it chasing the light!

© Thomas  A. Statas PhotoID# 5787308: Las Vegas - The Strip Las Vegas        slide show (16)
I had the opportunity to visit Las Vegas in March 2008. These are a few of the pictures of the city and surrounding Mohave desert.

© Thomas  A. Statas PhotoID# 2734467: Arches at Library of Congress Library of Congress        slide show (9)
The Library of Congress is the nation's oldest federal cultural institution and serves as the research arm of Congress. It is also the largest library in the world, with more than 130 million items on approximately 530 miles of bookshelves. The interior of the Thomas Jefferson Building is amazing.

© Thomas  A. Statas PhotoID# 4209249: Orange Dragonfly Macro Photography        slide show (20)
Nature is full of small wonders.

© Thomas  A. Statas PhotoID# 6459375: Portland Head Light - HDR Maine        slide show (5)
I had the opportunity to revisit Maine in June of 2008. Good food, good friends and good photography.

© Thomas  A. Statas PhotoID# 1906189: Chairs at Night Night Photography        slide show (10)
After the Sun goes down there are still many photo opportunities out there.

© Thomas  A. Statas PhotoID# 3639578: The Flood Special Effects / Other        slide show (28)
This category was created for my one of a kind photos that are fun to create and unique.

© Thomas  A. Statas PhotoID# 2663998: Old Sunflowers Sunflower Fun        slide show (10)
I had been looking for a sunflower field for a long time. To my surprise a friend told me of a field only 10 miles from my home. Fun in the 'Sun' flower field!

© Thomas  A. Statas PhotoID# 4505491: National Cathedral, Washington D.C. Washington National Cathedral        slide show (21)
Washington National Cathedral is operated by the Protestant Episcopal Cathedral Foundation. The cornerstone of the Cathedral was laid in 1907, and the final finial was set in place in 1990. The Cathedral is officially named the Cathedral Church of St. Peter and St. Paul.

© Thomas  A. Statas PhotoID# 1905608: Lincoln and Washington Memorial Washington DC        slide show (29)
Washington is a beautiful city.

© Thomas  A. Statas PhotoID# 4468630: Lowland Gorilla Zoo Photography        slide show (71)
Be a FONZ. Join the Friends of the National Zoo. Zoos include, San Diego Zoo, North Carolina Zoo, Maryland Zoo and the National Zoo in D.C..

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